Dog training and education

What is a food dummy and what is it used for?

The lining dummy is usually elongated and made of a durable fabric with a zipper. The zipper is primarily protected by a Velcro fastener. The food dummy is a retrieving toy and is used for training with the dog. Depending on the retrieving bag, you can fill it with dry or wet food. The food serves as a reward for the dog after it has successfully retrieved the dummy. You can either throw the food dummy while out for a walk or hide it and your dog will then bring it back to you.

Areas of application

The food dummy is used in the following areas - nose work, impulse control, hunting instinct, recall training and for retrieving.

Fun and reward for your dog

Retrieving a food dummy is a challenging task for your dog, which he finds a lot of fun. Thanks to the reward at the end, he internalizes the task very quickly and is thus utilized and rewarded. It is important that the food dummy is not a tug toy and that the dog has to give it to you voluntarily, so he is not allowed to defend it. Fetching the food dummy not only promotes the training of your dog, it also promotes the relationship with your dog, which is a very important point.


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